What Flashbot does?

Flashbot can antipode flexibly with your users, improve customer satisfaction and Changeover rates. It can search your website, send/collect eMails, user feedback & phone numbers. Flash bot responses from the WP backend, build conversational forms, integrate with messenger! Use Onest Retargeting to show special offers, email subscriptions & messages on Exit alert and a lot more!.

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Flashbot is a software application used to organize an online chat conversation via text. It equips direct contact with a live human agent.Flashbot is used in dialogue systems for disparate reasons, including customer service, request routing, or information gathering. While some flashbot applications use huge word-classification processes, natural language processors, and sophisticated AI, others search for general keywords and develop feedback using common phrases collected from an associated library or database. Most flashbots are permeated online via website popups or through virtual assistants, which are classified into usage categories that include: commerce (e-commerce via chat), education, entertainment, finance, health, news, and productivity.

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24/7 ChatBot

A personalized ovation message goes a long wait to glow up someone’s day. Flashbot is consistently there to advise you

Smooth and Agile

Most chatbots use vast guidance and assimilation. If your site is in the English Language– you can directly Install Flashbot.

Artificial Intelligence

Flashbot is Creative It is capable of modest Talk, can bear on a speech flow and accomplish any valid appeal.

Integration with Live chat

Flashbot can demonstrate any other 3rd party Live Chat systems. A unified and dynamic Live Chat WordPress plugin is also available.

Many Embedding Options

Flashbot is fixed as a widget, Click to chat content network, or even on other websites and Static HTML or any PHP based system.

Service with a Smile

Add animated gifs & youtube videos to the discussions! Paste any image or youtube video’s link in ChatBot’s Language centre.

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What Flashbot can do?

Flashbot can Interact with Users in Three Different Ways inside the ChatBot.

Predefined design can endeavor without assimilation to DialogFlow API and AI. These are promptly applicable as soon as you install the plugin and can pass on or off individually.

Simple Text Responses
Generate limitless content reply from your WordPress backend. The ChatBot uses an advanced exploration algorithm for natural language phrases identical to user input.

Frequently Asked Questions
Generate a set of Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ so customers can promptly find solutions to the most frequent questions they get.

Advanced Site Search

If no identical content feedback is found, Flashbot will handle a progressive website search and try to bout user skepticism with your website contents and show conclusions.


Schedule Your ChatBot

Schedule the day and time when the Flashbot will work. You can organize Flashbot to run only when you are not available for Live chat – assure that your clients are never left hanging for an answer.

Integrated with Facebook Messenger

Integrate Facebook Messenger practice precisely into your website. This allows your clients to reach out to your business with illustrated, rich-media practice they get on Facebook Messenger.

Notification Builder

Create small proclamation messages that will be shown by the Flashbot icon as slides. A great aspect of disclosing exclusive offers and assistance to anyone and make more sales.

Image and Youtube Support

Directly paste any image (jpg or animated gif from giphy) or youtube video’s full link inside the ChatBot’s Language Center and they will start revealing inside the ChatBot!.

Skype, WhatsApp, Web Link & Phone Call Integration

You can setup abrupt icons for Skype, WhatsApp, and Web Link. If you equip uphold through any of those channels, then you can serve your clients by adding numerous options to contact you.

Short Code For Page

Load Flashbot on a page itself with the shortcode. This aspect grants to create a separate landing page for customers to add your products to cart and checkout!.

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